Susan McKee's articles in Cincinnati Fiftyplus!

Cincinnati Fiftyplus!
Fiftyplus! was a complimentary, newspaper distributed at high-visibility locations throughout the Tri-state region and by subscription, reaching 75,000 readers each month plus, for its online edition, garnered some 2000 page views per month. It was a member of NAMPA.

Articles by Susan McKee

"Oakland a vacation destination all its own", August 2004: 19.
"Life is a journey" (RVing), August 2004: 11, 12.
"Harleys hold special mystique", May 2004: 1, 2.
"'Meet Me in St. Louis' for celebratory events", March 2004: 19, 21.
"Hop in the car to get in the holiday spirit," December 2003.
"The world via Chicago's ethnic neighborhoods", September 2003.
"Japanese gardens found throughout the U.S.", May 2003.
"Traveling in the footsteps of composer Bach", May 2003: 7, 10.
A taste of France in North America," August 2002 (Focus: Travel and Leisure): 13-14.