Indianapolis Business Journal

"Creative Aging," Choices: a retirement plannning guide (a special supplement to Indianapolis PrimeTimes and Indianapolis Business Journal), April 2002: 12B, 13B, 37B.
Orr finds Hoosiers reluctant participants in foreign trade," 17-23 April 1995: 4A, 15A.
"Observations from a ride to the West and back," 5-11 September 1994: 17A, 19A.
"Observations from a study-tour of Germany," 6-12 June 1994: 7A, 16A.
"Indiana's trade leader wants Hoosiers to think globally," 21-27 March 1994: 20A, 40A.
"Soviet block's instability reshapes Indiana-Soviet Trade Consortium," 14-20 February 1994: 13A.
"Taking Care of Business Guests," 23-29 May 1983: 4-5S, 13S.
"Indy's Raciest Parties," 16-22 May 1983: 10-11S.

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