Indianapolis Monthly


"Liquid Assets: Waterfront property lures a host of posh homes to Geist", June 1988: 78-93.


"Designed in Detail: An ornate Northside residence features everything from an indoor waterfall to a space-ship bedroom", February 1987: 38-44.
"Hot Properties: A Carmel residence is perfect for kidding around", February 1987: C21-24.
"Resort Luxury: A unique, posh Bren Simon design", February 1987: C25-31.
"This Old House: Carmel is known for its schools -- even ex-schools", February 1987: C32-36.
"Musical Menagerie: A TV host's showcase of family treasures", February 1987: 3C7-40.
"Living History: Maintaining and enjoying a Carmel landmark", February 1987: C57-59.


"All through the house: Filling a home with Christmas cheer", December 1986: 110-115.
"The Beckmann Abode: Making a warehouse a home", October 1986: 32-37.
"The Leemhuis Apartment: A young couple trades their Carmel home for a downtown rental", October 1986: 50-52.
"The Moses Apartment: A downtown job is a quick jog away", October 1986: 54-55.
"White on White: A Palm Springs look-alike in Carmel", September 1986: 50-53.
"Little House in the Big Woods", August 1986: 98-105.
"Southside Homestead: The Stout family's spacious abode", April 1986: 39-42.
"Living Legacy: Roger Palamara occupies and preserves his brother's lavish estate", March 1986:127-131.




"The Circle City's Most Influential Clergy", December 1983: 70-76.
"The Immigrants: Half a world away from home, immigrants are making new lives in Indianapolis", October 1983: 65-70.
"Natives of the Old Northside: Modern convenience in a Victorian setting", September 1983: 55-58.
"Celebrating the Centennial [of the Indianapolis Museum of Art]", July 1983: 41-49.

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