Indianapolis Woman

Contributing Writer, 199-2006


"Holiday How-To: The business of surviving the festivities," December 2006: 116-17.
"The Art of Outsourcing: Finding the right balance between in-house and contracted work," November 2006: 98-9.
"Dazzling on the Job:What are the criteria for being a good employee?" October 2006:126, 128.
"Wardrobe Wisdom: Business attire is a personal choice," September 2006: 114-5.
"Business: You're Hired!Interview skills that'll get you the job," August 2006.
"Taking off on Vacation: Don't worry, work will be there when you get back," July 2006.
"Presenting Your Business: How to make a lasting impression," June 2006: 112-113.
"Delegating Authority: Depending on others offers favorable results all around," May 2006: 118-19.
"Resume Rules: Follow these suggestions for a calling card worthy of getting you the job," April 2006: 114-5.
"Census Consensus: The facts about women-owned businesses in Indiana," March 2006: 104-5.
"Risky Business: Romance in the workplace can pay off -- but heed the warning signs of major disasters," February 2006: 100-1.
"New Year's Resolutions: Make this year's vows more than just wishful thinking," January 2006: 116-7.

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