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In 2005, according to The Indianapolis Business Journal, the Indianapolis Star daily circulation averaged 252,349 for the six months ended September 30, 1.7-percent higher than the 248,144 in the same period last year, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Sunday circulation was up 1.4 percent, to 367,294 from 362,193.
Travel section articles were on Sundays; "Get Outta Town" and other articles were on weekdays.

HOWEVER, as of 2008, The Indianapolis Star no longer has a travel section or a travel editor.
Full-length versions of recent travel stories can be accessed through the archives of The Indianapolis Star website.


"Aussie Odyssey", 19 June 2005 (travel section cover): K1, 4, 5.
"Beacon on Michigan", 24 April 2005 (travel section cover): K1, 3.
"Must-see Germany: From Berlin to Baden, 10 can't-miss destinations", 10 April 2005 (travel section cover): K1, 3.
"Get off the beaten path to find hidden treasures" (Germany), 10 April 2005 (travel section cover): K1, 3.
"Cultural crossroads" (Istanbul), 20 March 2005 (travel section cover): K 1, 4.
"Texas State of Mind", 9 January 2005 (travel section cover), K1, 3.
"Northern exposure"(Quebec's Carnaval), 12 December 2004 (travel section cover): K1, 4.
"German-style area sets holiday mood in Chicago", 13 December 2002: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 46-47.
"The Battle of Perryville 2002", 29 September 2002: (Travel) K1, K3.
"Pawpaw Festival celebrates the fruit in art, music, history", 13 September 2002: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 25.
"Chicago neighborhoods are international feast", 30 August 2002: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 42.
"Festivals will celebrate immigration heritage with food and fun", 26 July 2002: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 42.
"Chicago dishes up specialties at its 22nd annual Taste event", 28 June 2002:(Weekend "Get Outta Town") 46.
"Chicago salutes its architecture in three different ways", 10 April 2002: Weekend "Get Outta Town") 43.
"Everything you wanted to know about chocolate" (Chicago's Field Museum), 8 March 2002: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 38-39.
"Aglow in Qu�bec," 20 January 2002: (Travel) K1-2.
"Texas touts WW II museum," 13 January 2002: (Travel) K1-2.
"Dayton library boasts large collection of religious artifacts," 28 December 2001: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 42.
"Milwaukee turning to art, architecture as way to fame," 16 December 2001: (Travel) K1.
"Illinois community recalls bigger-than-Chicago past" (Naperville), 19 October 2001: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 43.
"A first-time skier gets a crash course in the sport," (by Elizabeth McKee) 14 October 2001: (Travel) K1-2.
"It takes the right gear to hit the slopes,", 14 October 2001: (Travel) K3.
"Quilts give new look to Dairy Barn in Ohio (Quilt National '01)", 19 August 2001: (Travel) K1-2.
"Lancaster (Ohio) preserves life on edge of western frontier," 17 August 2001: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 42.
"Life alongside a canal is re-created in a stretch of 100 miles in Illinois," 3 August 2001: (Weekend "Get Outta Town") 46.
"Finding your way to San Jos�: Costa Rica is home to that other San Jos�..." 25 March 2001: (Travel) K1-2.
"Shine On Chicago," 5 November 2000: (Travel) K1-2.
St. Patrick's Day section for Indianapolis Athletic Club, 17 March 2000 (tabloid).
"Exhibit preserves barn styles," 2 January 2000: (Travel) K6.
"Awesome again" (Colorado Springs), 24 October 1999: (Travel) K1-2.
"80-acre Keukenhof is a glorious sea of tulips," 18 April 1999: (Travel) K1-2.
"Flower festivals blooming all over," 18 April 1999: (Travel) K2.
"Yank casts cars, cares upon the waters (Scandinavia)" 26 July 1998: (Travel) K5.
"Faberge's Tiny Treasures," 9 March 1997: (Travel) K1-2.
"Dole's hometown is proud of him...," 30 September 1996: (Travel) K1-2.
"Santa in Lapland," 24 December 1995: (Travel) I13-14.
"With so much to see: Stockholm will inspire...," 10 September 1995: (Travel) K1-2.
"What's happenin' this summer (in Chicago)," 18 June 1995: (Travel) K3.
"Lincoln trail highlights his childhood," 17 April 1995: (Travel) K1-2.
"If something's a bit off kilter, look for it in LA!," 26 March 1995: (Travel) K1-2.
"Carnaval's hot time in cold Quebec," 29 January 1995: (Travel) K1-2.
"Bastogne bears emblems of battle," 11 December 1994: (Travel) K1-2.
"Princes of business rode like kings in Pullman's train cars," 20 November 1994: (Travel) K4.
"Road Trip: New auto museum on Wilshire Boulevard," 9 October 1994: (Travel) K1-2.
"Booming Berlin: The wall's come down and this German city is rising fast," 4 September 1994 (Travel) K1, K2.
"Southern Exposure: Indiana's scenic hill country and its storied history" (New Harmony), 7 August 1994 (Travel) K1, K2.
"D-Day, Beach of Destiny: Visitors will mark the 50th anniversary of the World War II invasion," 17 April 1994 (Travel K1, K2.
"Why relax in sun when you can ride your bike?" 28 March 1994 (Travel) K1, K2.
"Start spreadin' the news: The Big Apple is a great place for kids to visit," 24 May 1992: (Travel) G11, 14.


"Rich mix of city has long history" (letter to the editor) 18 January 2002: A15.
"The old debate on immigration," 2 November 2001: A13.
"Playing taps as the U.S. Army finally leaves Berlin," 8 Sept. 1994: A15.

[note: Susan McKee was a staff reporter at The Indianapolis Star from 1969-1983, and has more than a thousand citations in the newspaper's archives]

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