2019 is the Year of the Snapdragon
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moss_wiliam_edible-gardeningIn between jaunts to see gardens, we’re growing our own plants, aren’t we, Road Trips Gardeners?

Even if we don’t have lots of acreage (and lots of time), we still can grow veggies. That’s the premise of a new book by William Moss.

Any Size, Anywhere Edible Gardening: The No Yard, No Time, No Problem Way to Grow Your Own Food
(Cool Springs Press, 2012) shows how all of us can do it — even if we’re still living in dorm rooms, apartments or trailers instead of suburban or rural mansions with munificent backyards.

Moss (what a wonderful name for a gardener!) has many tips for success, but this one is key: “Don’t plant more than you can weed weekly and water often,” he cautions “Start small.” Besides, tending three tomato plants is a lot easier than growing thirty.

Not only are you going as fresh and local as you can get, you can control what fertilizers, pesticides or whatever you add. You can plant vegetables you never see in stores.

For beginners, Moss suggests beans (bush, pole or string), carrots, parsnips, field greens and more. Did you know that sweet potatoes were in the morning glory family while other potatoes — and tomatoes — are nightshade relatives?

If you’re considering potting up a container on your balcony or patio this spring, grab a copy of Edible Gardening and get digging.

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