2019 is the Year of the Snapdragon
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Looking for a flower that has multiple uses in the garden, smells great, attracts pollinators and comes in scads of colors? Then you should be …

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South Carolina Wildflowers

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Oconee Bell, South CarolinaSouth Carolina’s state parks are beginning to showcase some of the region’s beautiful, indigenous, and rare flowers.

The Oconee Bell (pictured), one of South Carolina’s earliest blooming wildflowers, can be seen at Devils Fork State Park in Salem between mid-March and early April. Thought to be one of the only places where visitors can see such a large population of this endangered flower, the park has a dedicated one-mile “Oconee Bell Nature Trail,” on which visitors can spot the little white flowers along the footpaths during early spring.

Skipping ahead to May and June, visitors to Landsford Canal State Park in Catawba will be treated to a spectacular display of rare Rocky Shoals spider lilies. A natural wonder that can only be found in select Southern states, it’s largely believed that Landsford Canal State Park is home to the world’s largest collection of this lily species. Although each fragrant water lily blooms overnight and only lasts for a single day, at peak season there will be enough plants in the Catawba River that it will look as if someone tossed a beautiful lace blanket across the water.

(Photo courtesy of Discover South Carolina)

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